Eugene Little League Boundary

Eugene Little League serves the High School boundaries of:
Churchill, North Eugene, South Eugene, Willamette, Elmira, and Crow.

And encompasses all or portions of these zip codes:
97401 (south of the Willamette river), 97402, 97403 (west of the Willamette river), 97404, 97405, 97412, 97419, 97430, 97437, 97448, 97461, 97487 &  97498. 

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Players who wish to play with their schoolmates but who live outside the Eugene Little League boundaries must apply for a residency waiver to play in Eugene Little League.

To register for baseball or softball in a neighboring Little League, please use the links to their websites on our Little League Links webpage.

How Big is Eugene Little League?

Google Map of Eugene Little League's regional boundaries.

Description of Eugene Little League Boundaries

Eugene Little League boundary description from North to West, to South:

  • Starting from center of the Willamette River at the Lane/Line County Lines:
  • West along Linn/Lane County Line to convergence of the Linn/Lane/Benton County Lines
  • West along the Lane/Benton County Line to the Siuslaw National Forest
  • From intersection of Lane/Benton County Line with east boundary of Siuslaw National Forest, south along the east forest boundary with Lane County
  • Where forest boundary turns west, approximately 5 miles east of Mapleton, follow imaginary line south to where boundary intersects the eastern edge of Siuslaw National Forest Boundary
  • Follow east boundary of Siuslaw National Forest south to Douglas County Line
  • Follow Douglas/Lane County line east to Siuslaw River Road
  • Follow Siuslaw River Road northeast to Wolf Creek Road
  • Follow Wolf Creek Road northeast to Alma then east to Panther Creek Road
  • Follow Panther Creek Road east to Gillespie Corners, then follow Lorane Hwy northeast (Lorane turns into Fox Hollow Rd)
  • Follow Fox Hollow Rd east to intersection of Thomas Judson Road
  • Follow imaginary line northeast to intersection of Dillard Road and Hwy 99
  • Follow Hwy 99 north to the Goshen intersection of Hwy 99; at intersection follow railroad tracks to the Franklin Blvd/Seavy Loop intersection
  • Follow railroad tracks to the intersection of the tracks with an imaginary extention of Neptune Avenue; turn east to the center of Willamette River
  • Follow Willamette River north to where Lane/Linn County lines turn west, just northwest of Harrisburg to "starting point" noted above

 League is determined by Street Address; estimated population with boundaries is 135,888.

Neighboring Little Leagues

If you wish to play in Little League but do not live within our boundaries, we encourage you to contact one of the nearby leagues.

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