Our mission is to support children of all ages in the community by instilling the ideals of integrity, teamwork, sportsmanship, courage, and respect so they may become decent, productive members of the community.  It is also to provide a safe environment at practices, and games for ALL participants-players, managers, coaches, volunteers, umpires, and spectators.  Little League and Eugene Little League do not limit participation in its activities on the basis of disability, race, color, creed, national origin, gender, and sexual preference or religion preference.

2016 Season Finishes

What a great season!  Our regular season has came to an end but some of our players are continuing on to Allstars.  We hope you all had a fun and positive experience.  Thank you to all those who help make this league function!  Whether you are a parent, player, or volunteer...we couldn't have done it without you! THANK YOU

Bring your ideas, suggestions, and concerns to Eugene Little League Board and be a board member.  We have positions open! We will be continuing our work through the off season to improve ELL. Be a part of the positive changes!

**Please remember that all of our Eugene Little League board members, coaches and umpires are volunteers. Eugene Little League is a non-profit organization. We are parents and community members who donate a lot of time and hard work outside of our daily jobs and lives to make this league work for the children.  We do not have a physical location for an office as do other programs. We work out of our homes, cars, on our phones and computers. Our phone number is a google number that is for leaving messages.  It is not a live line that we can answer.  Although we check the messages as often as possible the best way to contact us is through email. 

We appreciate your patience with us as there are only a hand full of people volunteering for ELL compared to the hundreds of families registering. We love serving the families in this community and want to keep this League going strong. 

Your help is needed. Become a volunteer today!

Eugene Little League
PO Box 22936
Eugene OR 97402


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